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Culture change starts with conversations.

Conversations can be daunting or just downright hard. For any real and lasting change in culture, we must start and continue to engage in conversation with the people who are part of the culture.

Based on the psychology of culture and society, KulturKraft aims to share knowledge and tools that help promote culture change through conversations.

KulturKraft publishes insightful articles, our monthly newsletter and Konversation Kits. These tools encourage, guide and facilitate meaningful conversations in your communities, the spark for your culture change.

Who is behind KulturKraft?

KulturKraft was founded by Ling Ling, a learning and development professional, a former engineer and a Masters of Psychology in Intercultural Relations student with ISCTE-IUL in Lisbon, Portugal. If you'd like to know more, follow her on LinkedIn or check out her blog.

Who are the members of KulturKraft?

Most often, members are curious and have a strong desire to resolve a social or cultural issue in their community.

They can be diversity officers, human resources, community leaders, activists, entrepreneurs, researchers, writers and anyone who wants to promote cultural change.

They are the people who embrace cultural differences, promote equity, advocate for inclusion and uphold justice.

How can you support KulturKraft?

These insights are made possible through academics, researchers, and experts worldwide. The articles, newsletters and other platforms result from many hours of reading and research. There is much to learn, and we have only covered a tiny fraction of the universe's knowledge. Please support by

  • Subscribing to our free monthly newsletter, Ingeniously Inclusive.
  • Becoming a member. With an annual subscription, you get access to EVERYTHING on KulturKraft, including all member-only events. Most importantly, your membership helps keep all articles accessible to everyone and the platform sustainable.
  • Sharing this platform with your colleagues, community, organisational leaders, or people who have regular cultural conversations. May our content help guide them to facilitating better conversations.

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