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We support people in the profession of bridging cultures, fostering inclusion and creating an equitable world.

KulturKraft aims to share knowledge, research and insights based on the psychology of culture and society. KulturKraft provides articles, tools and a newsletter about the psychology of society and culture.

How will KulturKraft benefit you?

The central question is

How can we cultivate an inclusive and equitable society?

To answer this question, we will delve into science-based research, transform theories and ideas into learnable concepts and simple interventions. We various cover topics such as…

  • How to develop intercultural skills
  • How to foster an inclusive team/organisation/community
  • How to manage and leverage cultural diversity
  • How to ensure social justice for all
  • How to bridge cultural differences
  • Many, many more…

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Through KulturKraft, you will learn more about how culture and society work,  and find ways to shape your team, company, neighbour or community.

How can you support?

These insights are made possible through intelligent and talented academics, researchers, and experts worldwide. These articles are the result of many hours of reading and research.

Becoming a member supports the work that goes into the research, writing, publishing and maintenance of KulturKraft. Your contribution will make the platform sustainable and accessible for many who thirst for cultural, social and psychological knowledge. Please consider supporting by

  • Subscribing to our free newsletter
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  • Sharing this platform with your family, friends or colleauges or on your social media, so that more people can learn more about the psychology of culture and society.

What do members get?

There is much to learn, and we have only covered a tiny fraction of all the universe's knowledge.

All members will receive our newsletter, which includes the latest news, helpful articles and cool stuff around the web.

As we continue developing and publishing content, we will add other things such as e-guides, virtual events, and other goodies exclusive only for paid members. As a member, you'll be the first to know!

Who are the members of KulturKraft?

People who engage with cultural differences, promote equity and uphold justice will find our platform a helpful and valuable guide in shaping a better society.

Members are diversity officers, human resources, community leaders, activists, entrepreneurs, researchers, writers and many others. Most often, members are curious and have a strong desire to tackle a social or cultural issue in their community.

Who is behind KulturKraft?

KulturKraft was founded by Ling Ling, a learning and development professional, a former engineer and a Masters of Psychology in Intercultural Relations student with ISCTE-IUL in Lisbon, Portugal. If you'd like to know more, follow her on LinkedIn or check out her blog.

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